Newsom’s Gas Tax Rebate Benefits Newsom Alone

SANTA ANA – The pain at the pump Californians are experiencing is historic. California has the highest gas taxes and prices in the nation, with the average price for a gallon of gas climbing to $5.69. But unfortunately, Gov. Gavin Newsom has no intention to do anything meaningful about this growing crisis. During his State of the State address this week, Newsom announced he would be proposing a gas tax rebate when he submits his updated budget proposal in May. In lieu of an easy solution such as suspending the gas tax, the Governor is opting to play Santa Claus with a gimmicky scheme that won’t provide the true relief at the pump Californians so desperately need. And the timing of his rebate sure is awfully convenient. The legislature could reasonably rubber stamp the Governor to get checks in the hands of California voters just as they are filling out their ballots for June’s primary election. But this should surprise no one. Gavin Newsom is no public servant. The fact that he is distracting Californians with a one-time check as they go to vote for Governor this summer instead of real relief proves that Gavin Newsom will always look for ways to benefit one person alone – himself. If you are covering Newsom’s gas tax rebate proposal, please consider the following from Republican candidate for Governor Jenny Rae Le Roux: 

“Gavin Newsom’s gas tax rebate is a political ploy that offers crumbs to Californians but does nothing to provide real relief for families feeling the squeeze every time we fill up our tanks. The Governor is once again putting his political ambitions first and Californians last. When I’m Governor, not only will we draw on the surplus and suspend the gas tax on day one, but we will look at ways to permanently scale back the tax burden California families face at the pump and beyond.”

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