Jenny Rae Le Roux Endorsed By California Republican Assembly

On Sunday, candidate for California Governor Jenny Rae Le Roux received the endorsement from the California Republican Assembly (CRA). The CRA describes their endorsement as “a coveted privilege for those candidates who meet our high standards — conservative, principled, electable, and the overwhelming choice of our membership.” 

“I am honored to have received the CRA endorsement for Governor. This endorsement from California’s preeminent grassroots Republican organization proves that my message of reviving the California Dream is resonating. Voters and volunteers across the state are clamoring for a fresh political voice and experienced leader in Sacramento. I’ve been in this race for two weeks – and it is now clear that we are building a movement to shake up the status quo. I look forward to working with the CRA to share my plan to create a more affordable California, make our communities safer, and give parents a greater voice in our education system.” 

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