Epoch Times: California Republican Candidates Gear Up for Primaries at Forum

Republican candidates for governor at the forum were: Shawn Collins, Jenny Rae Le Roux, David Lozano, Daniel Mercuri, Cristian Morales, Leo Zacky, and Major Williams.

The candidates promised to push back against everything from crime and political indoctrination in K-12 schools, to solving the problem of homelessness and to the exodus of people and businesses from the state.

Le Roux, a businesswoman from Redding, Calif., promised to bring balance—“something different than what’s coming out of the legislature right now,” she said.

If elected, Le Roux said she would use the governor’s “bully pulpit,” vetoes, executive orders and control over the state budget and government appointments to slow the progressive agenda.

“If they say yes, we say no,” she said.

As governor, Le Roux said she would bring balance, “something different than what’s coming out of the legislature right now.”

“So, part of my job is to work with them. Part of it is to work around them for the people,” she said.

“And, if anyone thinks that there’s only one Democratic Party in the state, pay attention. There’s two. There’s a very progressive and a more moderate party, and they don’t actually always vote together, so the veto does mean something,” she said.

Jenny Rae Le Roux won the secret ballot vote for governor, followed by Shawn Collins at the forum. Early won the popular vote for attorney general, and Williams garnered the most votes for U.S. Senate.

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